Understanding Zoning

Understanding of zoning system

Trying to control your whole home comfort with a single thermostat is similar to controlling all the lights in your home with one switch. Such a system would waste energy, be costly and would not match your lighting needs.

With multiple thermostats, you are given the same control over your heating and air conditioning that you are with the lighting in your home. The design and lifestyle patterns of your home create many temperature differences a single thermostat just cannot serve.

Only by using multiple thermostats can achieve complete comfort control you and your family desire. Zoning creates areas or “distinct comfort zones” which all have their own, individual thermostat. If you have four zones, you have four thermostats. With zoning, you select the rooms that need more customized control like a finished basement, bonus room or second floor. The thermostat will then alert your system to serve only the area needing heating or cooling to eliminate the over-conditioning of one zone of your home to make another comfortable. Other areas of the home are able to remain at the same temperature while the calling zone is receiving the conditioning it needs.

Why do I need zoning?

Your home’s design is one reason you encounter irregular heating and cooling. Certain rooms may have more exposure to the sun which can change throughout the day. Smaller rooms may experience more over conditioning than others making them particularly uncomfortable. Other layout factors that may influence the temperature is the existence of conditioned space below or adjacent to the room, the performance of the insulation and how the room is used.

Along with floor plan issues, the lifestyle of you and your family impact your comfort needs. Certain family members such as infants or the elderly may have different temperature needs than others. The way in which your family uses different areas also factors into their temperature requirements. Certain areas of the home, like upstairs bedrooms may not be used as frequently as the recreation room in the finished basement, Different lifestyle patterns require a personalized comfort system.

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